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This is a blog about HR related material.The things I will post here are based on my personal opinion. Some posts will just share links, some will be short messages and others will hopefully go more in depth. I invite everyone to comment on my posts and share other views on the things I blog.

My name is Rob Haaring, and I am the HR-person rambling on this blog. After working as a teacher, trainer and an account manager, I ended up working in HR. I work as HR Manager for a software and consultancy company called TOPdesk. Besides making a great Service Management tool and helping other companies with their processes, the company is known for its culture and employee satisfaction. I will share some of the companies views on HR and will add my own opinions in order to inspire others.

If you want to know more about me, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or send me a message to get in contact. Enjoy reading!

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