So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


As Douglas Adams eloquently put it: So long, and thanks for all the fish!

This will most likely be the last post I post on this blog. I will start in a new (non HR) role at TOPdesk soon and decided to give up rambling about HR stuff for a while.

I do want to share 2 last updates with you guys before I leave. Firstly, I was interviewed by Raet for their HR benchmark 2018. The article turned out great and I received a lot of nice responses. You can request the benchmark document on their website. Reat even used my picture on their website and in their LinkedIn adds for a while. Check it out below.

Raet Linked In Campaign

The second and last update I want to share is my debut on the radio. The program People Power invited my to their show for a live interview. I quickly learned live radio can be challenging, as I didn’t expect all of the questions they asked. It did turn out OK in the end with a little help from the hosts. The interview is in Dutch and you can listen on their website.

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement I received through this blog and in person. I hope to see you all on another platform or in real life to discuss even more interesting topics!

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