It’s been a while

Its been a while
Not me, but another guy known to say “It’s been a while”.

Its been a while since I posted here. I was quite busy with all kinds of stuff, like presentations on HR at different companies and writing things for TOPdesk instead of my own blog. But I have good news: from now on there will be regular updates on the blog again!

I have loads of stuff to tell you and love to hear your opinions on it. If all goes well the next couple of months, there might be even bigger news…..

any ideas on this cliffhanger?


I started a HR blog

I have been following several HR and Recruitment blogs over the past years and have finally started my own HR blog. I hope to inspire other people just like other blogs have inspired me. In order to reach as many people as possible, I will write on this blog in English.

The things I will post here are nothing more then my personal opinion. Some posts will just share links, some will be short messages and others will hopefully go more in depth. I invite everyone to comment on my posts and share other views on the things I blog.

I will end this first post with an excerpt and a link to the blog that has inspired me the most. Unfortunately, Chris Ferdinandi has quit blogging on RenegadeHR and moved over to a more marketing related blog. But I want to share the following message found on his blog, because it sums up how I feel about HR.

  1. Hire great people, and place them in jobs that fit their strengths, skills and passions.
  2. Get out of the way. Provide people with the freedom to do kick-ass work.
  3. Provide regular, actionable feedback.
  4. Inspire people with goals that are more meaningful than just making the company and shareholders more money.

Enjoy reading!