A few tips for employer branding on Facebook

employer branding on social media

Referral recruitment

Referral recruitment is great. For years it has been the best source of recruitment at TOPdesk and I know this is the same for many other companies. Not only is it a fast and cost-friendly way of getting applications on your vacancies, it also supplies candidates that are more likely to fit in your company culture. Referral recruitment has been a good way of recruiting talented people before HR and recruitment used social media, and it might have become even better now that companies and employees are active on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

In order to get the referrals coming in, you need to make it easy for your employees to share your vacancies and news on social media. It is important to have a good company page and a few people that know a thing or two about social media, communications and employer branding to maintain that page. At TOPdesk, we have focused on quality instead of quantity of posts, in order to steadily build up the amount of followers. This way we have created an employer brand we feel comfortable with.

Recently we have launched a new recruitment website and shared it on Facebook. The post showed in some of our timelines but not on all of our timelines. We then paid for the post to show up in the timelines of friends and friends of friends in order to boost results. This led to some really nice reactions and applications. It also got me thinking on how the Facebook sharing system works and why posts don’t show up on the timeline of all the people that follow the company page. I did some internet research and found a very interesting video on Youtube by Veritasium¬†which explains exactly how devious the Facebook system is.

So what have we learned by watching this great video? Let’s sum it up:

  • We now have ‘proof’ that shows big ad companies such as Facebook have brilliant strategies to generate revenue, sometimes at the cost of their users.
  • The posts you make through a company page don’t automatically reach all of your followers. It depends on the amount of engagement of the first few people that do see it shown in their timeline.
  • It is better to have a limited amount of followers that actually like and comment on your posts, than it is to have many followers that don’t interact at all. You will actually reach more people that way.

A tip for employer branding on social media

My tip to you is: Built an honest social media presence based on actual content instead of spamming people with all kinds of marketing material. Not only will you annoy less people on the internet, you will actually reach more people in the long run because the posts will generate more engagement. Which in turn will lead to more employee referral and more suitable potential employees!


Hats off to the colleagues in the social media team at TOPdesk, for doing such a wonderful job and providing me with some insights so I could write this post.