How making your employees happy can make you rich

I won’t be writing much in this article, but there is a lot of wisdom to be found here. Wisdom by one of the most famous entrepreneurs in South America. His name is Ricardo Semler and he has inspiring views on how to run a business. And its not just fancy words either; his ideas on HR have made his companies and organizations very successful and made him very rich in the process.

Who is Ricardo Sempler?

Tegenlicht, a Dutch documentary program by the VPRO, had the unique opportunity to interview Ricardo Semler and visit his extraordinary house and companies. In the video, Ricardo Semler explains how being a young rock musician inspired him to run a machinery company in Brazil in a revolutionary way. He gives his employees complete freedom and responsibility, and they repay him by making the company very successful while enjoying their job. I see a lot of resemblance to our own company values at TOPdesk, where freedom and responsibility are 2 of the 3 company values, trust being the third. Those company values are part of our success as well.

Even though the subtitles and some of the voice-overs are in Dutch, the video can be watched by English speaking people as well, since the interview parts of the program are in English. You can watch the documentary if you click on the image below:

Happy employees make you rich


If you want to see the full and uncut English interview, it has been posted by Tegenlicht on Youtube as well.


What do you think: Has Ricardo Semler been very lucky, or is there wisdom in his words which other companies and organization can adopt to become a success?